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Carlo. Filipino/Chinese. Aspiring writer and Musician(violin-piano-vocals).

Double major in Biology and Violin performance. Like to listen to my music just a tad too loud.

This is just my humble lil’ tumblr. Hope you enjoy. Talk to me! Always up for meeting new people.

100% proven zodiac analyses

aries:short-tempered kind-hearted babies
taurus:stubborn knucklehead cuties who are nice to everyone
gemini:intelligent blabber-mouths w a great sense of humor
cancer:over-emotional compassionate lil cupcakes
leo:melodramatic fun-loving fucks
virgo:creative whiny pissbabies who are intellectually stimulating
libra:ditsy carefree pacifist qts
scorpio:intensely emotional secretive bad bitches
sagittarius:honest philosophical travel-agents who don't give a fuck
capricorn:organized self-driven sarcastic dickheads
aquarius:extroverted detached open-minded freaks
pisces:sensitive lazyasses who are ideological + creatively stimulating
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Check out those UNDIES. Talk about easy access. =)

so tempting!

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Men want a hole in it ..


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